Recurring Messages via WhatsApp, SMS, Email, Postcards, and more

Highly personalized Recurring Messages for permission based Marketing

Send proactive, personalized, engaging, and automated messages via SMS, email, Messenger, postcards, and other channels to drive consumer re-engagement with your brand via DiALOGiFY Recurring Messages.

Customers and leads who have given permission to receive recurring messages are much more likely to take action.

Recurring Messages

With Recurring Messages, companies can create personalised messages on a wide range of topics of their choice. As the content of the messages is determined by the company, the content can be specifically tailored to different groups and their needs, to create personalized messages that resonate better with people.

2x open rate compared to email campaigns
78% opt-in rate for notifications
88% CTR on notifications
33% of first-time buyers made repeat purchases

Build relationships

Recurring Messages build relationships with your customers through high-quality communication. Customers will opt-in to receive messages, regularly reconfirm their interests, and can also pull out at any time.

Drive sales by linking it to the Webshop

Provide an highly personalized webshop experience by adding a predefined filter selection based on the individual profiles.

Available through multiple touchpoints

Recurring Notifications allow your brand to initiate conversations with your customers through multiple touchpoints, including SMS, social media, email, postcards, and others. Improve your engagement or boost your sales that may not have happened before.

Fully personalized

Recurring Notifications allow customized and timely messages that drive action. Businesses have the full capacity to choose what and when to send depending on relevant context and previous customer experiences.

Send timely and relevant content

Through Recurring Notifications, you can send product discovery recommendations, abandoned cart notifications, daily promotions, promotional codes, tips, community advice, service reminders, and many more.

Discover new approaches

Our customers who chose Recurring Messages want to discover new approaches to reach customers beyond traditional social media advertising, CPC, and remarketing campaigns.

What are the benefits of Recurring Messages

 Personalized Comm

Personalized communication

Craft and deliver personalized messages to people who are interested in your brand.


Communication throughout customer journey

Engage with customers at every stage of their customer journey to drive the best results.


Relevant communication channels

Initiate the conversation via the multiple channels that your customers prefer.


Stronger customer relations

Foster much deeper relationships with your customers through meaningful and high-quality conversations that matter to them.

How DiALOGiFY Recurring Messages works

1. Choose a pre-set frequency

Businesses can choose to send messages daily, weekly, or monthly.

2. Get people to opt-in

Businesses must get people to opt-in before sending any recurring messages. Your opt-in messages are customizable to deliver the maximum impact.

3. Renew opt-in every 24 months

Opt-ins have an expiry. Our system will send a notification right before the expiry asking whether people wish to continue receiving the notifications.

4. People always stay in charge

Your customers will have the ability to cancel the conversations at any time. The control will be available with every message sent.

Inspiration for the use case

  • Daily deals
  • Weekly product tips
  • Weekly community newsletter
  • Monthly notification of product pre-sales
  • Monthly product recommendations based on user profiles

Use cases for brands

With e-commerce growing rapidly, brands need to stand out from the crowd and gain a competitive edge over their peers.


Send recurring messages of promotions to reward your most loyal customers. Offer them early access to special offers and mention that you want to thank them for their loyalty with this exclusive offer. Or send them a 20% special offer when they sign up for your regular updates. Personalised offers are more likely to be redeemed and allow you to segment offers to deliver higher customer lifetime value.

Product alerts

Customers who sign up can be notified when new products are available on your website or app. They can opt-in to receive reminders just minutes before your new product line launches so they don’t miss out on best-selling deals.

Content Digests

Customers can sign up for weekly or monthly content digests. Content Digest messages are valuable because instead of sending a short message, you can send a summary of the latest news and let your customers know about upcoming events, promotions and product launches. Send a private reply to a Facebook comment asking about new products. Since they’re already engaged with your brands, this is a great opportunity to offer to sign them up for regular updates.

Upcoming events

You can send recurring messages to invite customers to in-store events or live shopping. Once they’ve signed up for the event, you can create hype around the event with regular updates and reminders.


Recurring messages can be used to send service offers and reminders to customers. This is a good strategy to ensure that customers continue to use your app while you continue to sell your products or services.

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