It’s not the number, but what you do! Use NPS-trends and individual comments from customers to engage teams in the change process and drive customer focus.

3 Questions will do

How likely are you to recommend [brand] to a friend or colleague?

What‘s the main reason for your score?

What could we do better?


Use NPS to understand your growth

NPS (Net Promoter Score) is not just a number; it indicates how happy your customers are with your brand. Understand your weaknesses and strengths and analyze the gaps to improve your growth opportunities.

A primary metric for CEM

Customer experience management (CEM) is an essential part in business growth. NPS provides the best anchor for you to understand your customer satisfaction and their overall perception of your brand.

Group your customers into three categories

Find out who your brand’s promoters, passives, and detractors are. By categorizing your customers into these three groups, you will be able to assess your business growth opportunities.

Turn detractors into promoters

Don’t let the detractors negatively impact your brand health! Automate the workflows to trigger the right actions once a customer negatively reacts to an NPS survey. Set up the triggers to immediately alert respective teams for follow-up actions to address the issues.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers

Combine existing customer data with the data acquired through NPS surveys to have the most comprehensive customer profile. Bring customer personalization to new highs.

NPS is universal

This metric has proven to transform the business world and has become the core measurement for customer experience management programs worldwide, no matter the industry, business size, or location.

Trusted and easily understood

NPS is straightforward and easily understood by everyone in your office. It provides an essential touchstone for engaging your workforce in your customer experience management.

Our solutions are built with your customers in mind

DiALOGiFY ensures that every customer enjoys the best experience. We will ensure that the NPS survey follows the logic, is easy to navigate, and speaks to your customers in their native language.

Customize your NPS

Our NPS solution is highly customizable. Forget about the third-party providers that cannot match your branding, nor give flexibility in formulating your own questions.

Transform your promoters into brand advocates

Automate the workflows to trigger specific actions with customers who respond positively to your NPS surveys. It can be a part of your e-mail marketing strategy.

Main features of DiALOGiFY NPS solutions

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NPS made easy

DiALOGiFY provides you with everything needed to run successful NPS campaigns, calculate your NPS score and trigger the right actions based on the customers‘ satisfaction.

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Fully customizable

Our system allows you to customize the NPS surveys the way you like. You know your customers and the best approaches to engage with them.

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Data insights

Get a better understanding of your customers’ satisfaction. Our user journey is powered by AI and can give you valuable insights into product feedback, main issues, and customer preferences.

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Set up automated workflows

Immediately react to negative NPS responses by triggering automated workflows and alerting respective teams to address the issues without delay.

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Talk with your customers in their native language. Our NPS surveys can support X languages from across the world.

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Use NPS through multiple channels

DiALOGiFY allows you to measure NPS through multiple channels and reach your customers wherever they are the most engaged. Embed surveys in e-mails, your website, social media, or mobile apps.

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Built-in analytics

Monitor the results of your NPS surveys with easy-to-use dashboards and reports that will give you a clear view of responses. Export the results to .csv or .xls reports to further dissect and make sense of the data collected.

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Advanced security and personal data protection

Our data collection is compliant with the GDPR. All data collected is stored on a secure server, where access to survey answers will only be available to your authorized personnel.

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Customer support

Our dedicated customer support will provide all necessary assistance needed for you at each step to create NPS surveys, as well as understand the results and build automated workflows.