User Manual

Nobody reads the manual. Unpack it and embark on a journey to learn how it operates and gradually discover its features. Get involved with it.

Follow-up dialogues create true involvement and product relationships, as well as both upselling and cross-selling opportunities.

Digital Product Manual

KOENIG collects profiles from almost 40% of its end customers (at the lowest cost per contact by any comparison).

  • Use Gamification to discover product features
  • Educate, inform and support with how-to guides
  • Increase Reviews and Star Ratings
  • More revenue through Up- and Cross-Selling
  • Global product registrations for customers
  • Notify Customers Instantly for Updates or Product Recalls
  • GDPR compliant Marketing Opt-in

The best way to Guide your customers

Paper manuals are boring and outdated; in fact, most modern consumers find them useless. Digital Product Manual and User Journey is an interactive way for your customers to familiarize themselves with the product.

Gamification elements to showcase features

Use gamification to gradually show product’s features and teach your customers how to operate it.

Global customer registration

Empower your customers to register their product ownership quickly. Your customers can also save their personal details, which can be used for personalization.

Educate, inform and support

Share insightful and interactive how-to guides with your customers to help them understand the product and answer their queries.

Build a powerful Digital Product Manual

Easily create product-specific Digital Manuals for your customers’ effortless usage. Provide a welcome card with a QR code for quick access to the interactive Digital Product Manuals.

Our solutions are built with your customers in mind

DiALOGiFY ensures that every customer enjoys the best product experience. Our products can be catered to fit any customer’s needs.

Collect customer profiles

Use Digital Product Manuals and User Journey to gather more information about your customers. Use that information to build relationships, upsell and cross-sell relevant products.

Accessible on mobile

Ensure easy access to the manual by allowing interactive engagement with it on your customers’ mobile devices.

Main features of Digital Product Manual

Brands that trust in DiALOGiFY

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Customer data

Build customer profiles and get to know them better. Access information from demographics to product ownership and buying preferences.

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Customer registration

Enable your customers to register their product ownership seamlessly, only with a few clicks.

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Data insights

Get a better understanding of your customers. Our user journey is powered by AI and can give you valuable insights into product feedback, main issues, and customer preferences.

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Interactive communication

Use images and videos to educate and guide your customers in an engaging, efficient, and fun way.

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Talk with your customers in their native language. Our Digital Product Manuals can support X languages from across the world.

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Fully customizable

DiALOGiFY solutions are fully customizable based on your business and customers’ needs. We will guide your team to ensure the best results.

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Follow-ups and reminders

Follow up with your customers on incomplete actions, as well as remind them of important features or new products available.

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Eco-friendly approach

Take a stance in building a sustainable business that reduces paper consumption while saving money doing it.

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Your customers can connect to the Digital Product Manual directly from the product itself through API, QR scan, or NFC.

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Customer support

Allow your customers to get customer support directly through the Digital Product Manual, ensuring an outstanding customer experience.

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SEO friendly

Your customers can easier find your interactive product manuals on Google Search, as they are search engine optimized.

What customers say about us

Urs Odermatt

“How to get even closer to the consumer”

Urs Odermatt, L’Oréal

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Urs Gerber

“The Dialogify chat dialogs are fast, easy, direct and personal”

Urs Gerber, Volvo Group (Schweiz) AG

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Andreas Trumpler

“Dialog automation belongs to the new era of conversational marketing”

Andreas Trümpler, Rimuss & Strada Wein AG

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Samuel Schuler

“We focus on personalisation as customer experience”

Samuel Schuler, SCHULER St. Jakobskellerei

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“Finally we do communicate directly with our end customers.”

Thomas von Allmen, TAVORA AG

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Sara Bätschmann

“Easy-going, expert and very personal advice and support.”

Sara Bätschmann, RIVELLA AG

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