Nocode Webapp

Bring your brand on your customer’s smartphone.

An interactive Chat landing page makes it easy for your consumers to be engaged with your brand. With perfect dialog funnels, providing easy choices based on jobs-to-be done, call-to-action options and follow up mechanics, consumers are hooked from the very first minute.

Be present on your customers smartphone screen without going through the hassle of releasing an own app.

Nocode Webapps

What has this brand benefited from

  • Collecting 1000s of contacts (profiles), using a product-sampler and digital touchpoints
  • Customers actively engaged in the community
  • Strong uplift in eCommerce sales
  • It has successfully increased footfall in retail stores

A brand-specific landing page

Make your brands accessible on your customers’ smartphones by building web apps to efficiently engage and communicate with them. Brand-specific landing pages are engaging from the first second.

Build dialog funnels

Enhance communication with your customers by automating the conversations with them. Start with jobs-to-be-done, followed by respective calls-to-action and follow up mechanics.

Gather personalized customers’ data

Use dialog automation to collect personalized information on your customers and use it to build strong buyer profiles.

Use web apps for product-sampling

Collect thousands of contact details from your customers using product-samplers and digital touchpoints.

Gain a comprehensive understanding of your customers

Combine existing customer data with the data acquired through dialog automation to have the most comprehensive customer profile.

Improve conversion rates

Being able to offer relevant and personalized choices to your customers will result in higher purchase rates for e-commerce.

Increase traffic to your retail store

Our web apps have proven to increase the numbers of walk-in customers to physical retail stores.

Trusted and easily built

DiALOGiFY web apps are straightforward and easily built by everyone in your marketing team. Turn any idea into tailor-made application without coding or engaging third-party developer agency.

Our solutions are built with your customers in mind

DiALOGiFY ensures that every customer enjoys the best user experience. We will ensure that the web apps are easy to navigate and speak to your customers in their native language.

Customize your dialog funnels

Our dialog automation allows you to build conversations the way you like. Our solutions are highly customizable to fit any business type, size or industry.

Brands that trust in DiALOGiFY

Main features of DiALOGiFY web app builder

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Easy drag-and-drop builder

DiALOGiFY web apps can be built using the drag-and-drop function, which requires no knowledge of coding. You can fit the different blocks together the way you like.

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Fully customizable

Our system allows you to customize the web apps the way you like. You know your customers and the best approaches to engage with them.

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Data insights

Get a better understanding of your customers’ preferences and choices. Our user journey is powered by AI and can give you valuable insights into product feedback, main issues, and customer preferences.

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Gather customer information

Engage with your customers via dialog automation, collect valuable customer information, and build strong buyer profiles for higher conversation rates.

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Talk with your customers in their native language. Our web apps can be built and support X languages from across the world.

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Use web apps through multiple channels

DiALOGiFY allows you to access web apps through multiple channels and reach your customers wherever they are the most engaged. Embed web apps on your website, social media, mobile apps, or physical retail.

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Advanced security and personal data protection

Our data collection is compliant with the GDPR. All data collected is stored on a secure server, where access to survey answers will only be available to your authorized personnel.

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Add visual content with ease

DiALOGiFY’s web apps can contain images and videos which are easily added without any optimization for different screen sizes.

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Customer support

Our dedicated customer support will provide all necessary assistance needed for you at each step to build web apps, as well as understand the results and build automated workflows.

What customers say about us

Urs Odermatt

“How to get even closer to the consumer”

Urs Odermatt, L’Oréal

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Urs Gerber

“The Dialogify chat dialogs are fast, easy, direct and personal”

Urs Gerber, Volvo Group (Schweiz) AG

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Andreas Trumpler

“Dialog automation belongs to the new era of conversational marketing”

Andreas Trümpler, Rimuss & Strada Wein AG

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Samuel Schuler

“We focus on personalisation as customer experience”

Samuel Schuler, SCHULER St. Jakobskellerei

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“Finally we do communicate directly with our end customers.”

Thomas von Allmen, TAVORA AG

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Sara Bätschmann

“Easy-going, expert and very personal advice and support.”

Sara Bätschmann, RIVELLA AG

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