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Multi-Link Site for Social Media Bio (Instagram)

As anyone who has ever set up an Instagram account knows, the platform only gives you one single link to place in the Bio section of your profile. Nevertheless, you’re not able to add links to individual posts, which is why you’ll often see Instagram users add “link in bio” line their captions.

This indeed limits you as a marketer. You can launch multiple ad campaigns on Facebook and post several links in Tweets several times every hour; Instagram forces you to give marketing campaigns a short-shelf life.

Due to this limitation, you cannot advertise different products multiple times per week, nor can you promote every blog post you publish. You are given two options: either shorten the marketing campaigns for each product or blog post, or you will have to market fewer products for a more extended period of time.

You will also have to amend your bio link manually on a regular basis. No questions asked – a different approach is needed.

Fortunately, DiALOGiFY’s dialog can help you optimize your Instagram bio link in unique ways. Instead of linking to one single page, such as your website, blog, or shop, these tools will enable you to link to multiple pages or content.

Your goal:
Extend the limitations of your bio link.

Provide your audience with the relevant links.

Template for the example message:
Click on the link.

CTA (Call-to-Action) suggestions:
Segment your audience.
Guide them to the relevant places.

Integrate with your CRM and collect your audience’s profiles and interests as well.