Convert inbound leads

Even though your marketing activities drive lots of leads, subscriptions or enquiries, one of the main problems that many businesses face is low conversion rates.

The main task here is to turn your inbound leads into sales figures and get your business more revenue.

DiALOGiFY solution:

Engage with the lead in a personalized interaction by having a conversation that will guide them towards conversion.


If you have any kind of inbound lead funnel, adding DiALOGiFY dialogue automation solution will be easy. You will want to establish a conversation between your brand and your consumer, offer relevant options and in this way facilitate the conversion of the lead: new subscription, new enquiry, form completion, make an appointment, e-book download or registration to a newsletter – basically anything that you define as a lead.

Use the conversation to engage with your audience in a personal way. Ask and listen to what they are interested in and help solve their problem.

Your call to action (CTA) should be whatever is most likely to make your audience convert, for instance download the e-book, book a demo, or anything specific that will connect your solution with the consumer.

Your goal:

Convert inbound leads


Contact added to list -> New customer

Example message Template:

Klick on this link

CTA (Call-to-action) suggestions:

Make an appointment

Ask for a call back

Book a video call

Pro Tip:

Link to your online calendar (feature available)